Celebrating Neel

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Neel Foon was an incredible student and musician. Alongside his dedication and remarkable, positive attitude, he was a fantastic model to his peers; we will forever remember him fondly. In light of his many diverse accomplishments, both academically and musically, we hope to carry on his influence for students at the school he attended for 10 years.

Neel played his beloved guitar much like he lived life: with full commitment and a wide-open heart. He was musical, he was loving, he was funny, and most of all he was authentic. Neel was a young person who occupied what can only be called ‘rare air’ because he was universally liked and loved by those that met him. Everyone found Neel to have an infectious warmth and conviviality that invited others in and welcomed them. He reached out to all comers and wanted everyone to know that gathered together, we were safe and we were going to have a nice time and please make room as others might join us later. He was generous with love to those around him, both those whom he already knew and to the friends he would soon make. This display of community was second only to his huge smile. Neel grinned without reservation, not one to hold back the expression of joy often found on his face. He grinned when all was going well and he grinned when he really wished things were going better! Even in the moments of challenge, Neel was gracious and giving. He laughed, he offered help, he worked hard, and he invited others to do the same.  

Neel touched so many here at Montessori Family School over the years, starting with us at four years old, and graduating as an 8th-year alongside lifelong friends and classmates. Watching him blossom and mature, Neel’s presence and gift of so much personal generosity will be greatly missed by those of us who spent time alongside him on his journey. Sometimes shy, sometimes bold - always genuine - Neel was an incredible young man. He was fiercely loyal as a family member and a community member and his parents, Brad and Genie, remain an integral part of the MFS community. Neel grew up with us at Montessori Family School and we are all better for his presence.

We are determined to keep Neel's memory alive through the music and art we will create as a result of his legacy. The funds accumulated in this account will directly support the music and art programs at MFS, through instruments, art installations, musical guests, and other program enhancements. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contribution.

"He had a gift and a purpose that can take years for a young person to cultivate, and some people never discover it for themselves at all. But even with this sense of self that elevated him compared to his classmates, he remained humble. When his friends struggled, he gently and patiently helped them find their way. His legacy at MFS is unparalleled. Neel had a presence and a purpose that was unique, a soulfulness and depth that was his alone. The world is a poorer place  for his loss, but we are so much richer for his short time with us."  
— Micah McClain, MFS Music Teacher
How Your Donation is Used

We are asking you to support the music funds that honor Neel’s legacy, talent and his spirit of joy and love. Your donations allow us to build these funds and ensure they will be lasting. It will allow us to support upkeep of instruments and purchasing of new instruments, opportunities to bring guest musicians to the school and field trips to musical events. The donations this year will solidify Neel’s impact at MFS and continue his love of music through other young musicians.

Honoring Life and Music


Through music and music education Neel’s life will always be connected with each of us. Neel would be so honored to know that he has inspired amazing music created and played in his memory this past year. Here are two beautiful pieces that we want to share:


When the Time Comes by Cava Menzies



Mallards and Sea Turtles by Sasha Berliner