Give What's Meaningful

Why We Have an Annual Fund
Montessori giving

We know that tuition is already a steep sacrifice for many of our families. At the same time, like almost all independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the cost of an MFS education. We rely upon fundraising to bridge that gap and keep our programming strong, our faculty second-to-none, our facilities up-to-date, and our materials in tip-top shape. 

Simply put, we rely on the Annual Fund, MFS's highest fundraising priority each year, to make the school run. 

Conducting an Annual Fund has several advantages over simply raising tuition. For one, your Annual Fund contribution is tax-deductible. Second, the Annual Fund allows everyone to participate at a level that makes sense for their family's budget. But perhaps most importantly, the Annual Fund represents an opportunity to show everyone--our own community, and anyone outside who cares to look--that we support our school, we cherish what our children accomplish here, and we are 100% pulling together as one.

Outside funders look closely at participation rate. So, give what you can. But give. We honor every dollar. Standing alongside fellow MFS families is what counts.

How to Make Your Donation


• You may follow the link above to use PayPal. 


• You may Venmo us at @MontessoriFamily-School.


• You may make a one-time donation or set up a monthly recurring donation online using your credit card.


• You may drop off a check made out to Montessori Family School at either the El Cerrito or Berkeley campus office.


• You may mail a check to:

Montessori Family School
Attn: Alissa Stolz
7075 Cutting Boulevard
El Cerrito, CA 94530


EIN for MFS:​ 94-2698679

Pledge a Future Donation​

You can make a pledge to donate at a later date. This lets the school know about your intention to donate and lets you make a donation at a time that works best for you. If you are interested in making a pledge, please look for pledge cards at school events or call us at (510) 236-8802 or email us at:

Consider Employee Matching

Many employers offer a matching gift program so check to see if that is an option for you. You can also gift stock to the school which may offer you tax advantages. If you are interested in either of these or in asking about other donation options, please call us at (510) 236-8802 or email us at:

Other Ways to Give

You may donate goods or services to the school as well. For instance, you may want to build planter boxes for the school’s garden. If you are interested in donating goods or services, please call us at (510) 236-8802 or email us at:

Volunteer Opportunities

Montessori Family School is fortunate to have a dedicated community.

Perhaps the best way to participate in your child’s experience at Montessori Family School is to volunteer. In this way, you’ll get to know other MFS families and students and increase your familiarity with the teachers and classroom, together enhancing the experience for the entire student body and overall community at MFS.


Parents play a vital role in the ongoing success of Montessori Family School. It has been shown time and again that parent involvement in their child’s school is a decisive factor in the success of the children and the school. Parent participation in the classroom, on field trips, at community events and in fundraising is essential to the school’s well-being.


Each family is required to contribute 20 hours of parent participation work per year, with 5 of those being on fundraising activities.

Montessori Family School Berkeley Campus
School and Classroom Volunteering

• Reading or writing with individual students

• Conducting an in-class presentation

• Serving as a room parent

• Driving on field trips

Fundraising Volunteering

• Serving as the Annual Giving Chair

• Serving as an Annual Giving Classroom Agent

Volunteering at Community Events

• Coordinating event hospitality​

• Assisting at the Pasta Party or at school movies and


• Providing Teacher Appreciation breakfasts or lunches

Service on Boards and Committees

• Parents' Association Board

• MFS Board of Directors

• MFS Board Committees